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Jerry Smith Jr. Shooting

Police misconduct, excessive force, brutality, homicide, federal prosecutions, drug crimes, Paladin Investigation Consultants LLC in Milwaukee

Terrill Thomas Tragedy

The case that shook Milwaukee and the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department and resulted in David Clarke's resignation.

It began with a press conference called "Thirsting for Justice" in 2016.

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The toughest and most high profile homicides and police brutality cases in Wisconsin.

Handling the toughest homicide and police brutality cases in Wisconsin.

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The Man and Author

Besides being a Forensic Investigator, he is a Best Seller author of novels

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Equal accountability for law enforcement and the community equally

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Daniel Storm is not a licensed attorney or affiliated with any particular law firm.

Mr. Storm does not work for the general public, but provides   

Specialized legal support including, but not limited to: 

♦Investigation consultation, collection, codification and document preparation 

♦Draft legal pleadings, including briefs (all courts and all jurisdictions) as directed by counsel for the client 

♦Prepare discovery requests and responses 

♦Draft Interrogatories and responses 

♦Legal research 

♦Summarize transcripts and depositions 

♦Prepare medical transcript summaries 

♦Case review and analysis 

♦Draft motions, petitions and/or communications  

♦Draft initial case filing forms and pleadings 

♦Prepare your case for trial or hearing, including Trial Book for counsel

♦Exhibit Identification 

♦Scheduling mediations and depositions, as per counsel